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Organizations need a variety of employment management solutions. Outsourcing is one of them when a business needs to complete a project or task. However, it does not have the capacity, time or even the necessary experience and knowledge. For companies in such situations, we offer a outsourcing services where we take care of the entire process:

  • assess deadlines, requirements and capacities;
  • intelligently distribute the existing workforce or hire additional employees;
  • organize daily activities, implement quality control and supervise work progress;
  • ensure timely communication and cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • achieve results in the agreed manner and terms.

Outsourcing is perfect for businesses of all sizes and complexities.


Labor leasing gives businesses the opportunity to reduce costs, optimize operations and increase flexibility. It allows them to focus on the core business and its development. Our organization offers several options for labor leasing. 

One, we simply provide you with additional staff for your operations when needed. The lease period can be a day, a week, a month or even a year. At that time, you are responsible for the work of our employees, its quality and control. 

The second option allows you to transfer your existing employees to our company. We will take over the administrative work, but you will retain direct control of the employees and continue to organize their work and day-to-day operations.

In both cases, our company is the official employer of the employees We will take care of legal, accounting, payroll and other matters related to employment management. 


Many companies prefer to hire their employees directly, which is a perfectly normal and welcome practice. After all, employees are on the front lines of providing services or products to customers. A direct employment relationship creates a closer connection between the business and the employee. 

We offer recruitment service for such organizations. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll make sure you find candidates with the right knowledge or skills. Our organization uses a variety of recruitment channels and strategies to evaluate candidates.

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