Finding a new employee employer has never been so easy!

Finding a new

employee employer

is now so easy!

Wondering who's WORKNŌS?


WORKNŌS is a young, motivated and ambitious organization, which provides employment solutions domestically and internationally. We serve as a bridge between employees looking for new career opportunities and business organization seeking support in their operations.

Our Values


We trust that a successful employment organization must be built on strong foundation, which is impossible without clearly defined guidelines and values. Our team follows the best employment industry’s practices and models operations around values we believe in and demonstrate.


Compliance with obligations to all stakeholders are paramount at our organization. Our dedication guarantees long-terms and secure relationships.


Values and principles we follow are of most importance. There is no situation nor circumstances that would make us give them up. At the same time, we expect our peers to respect them as well.


Our organization is based on a horizontal management structure, which provides a diversified excellence in managerial guidance.


Our team consists of strong and experienced individuals. However, only a boundless collaboration within the team brings success.


We put substantial amounts of time and effort in developing and assuring high quality solutions, which benefit all stakeholders.


People in leadership positions possesses unrivaled business acumen and understands significance of well developed and calculated operational model.


Our internal arrangements and processes are well-developed and consistent. It translates to stable operations and partnerships.


Honest and open cooperation is highly beneficial to all stakeholders. Clarity is the key to trustworthy relationships in our line of business.


Strive for perfection at all times is our fuel. We are always open to enhancing any aspect of our business, operations or partnerships.

Wondering what's our mission?


Our organization values people and guarantees them transparency, honesty and empathy. At the same time, we understand modern business world’s needs and help find employment solutions. Essentially, our mission revolves around finding the right people for the right organization.

Our Process


We believe that a healthy employment organization is not sustainable without well-developed internal processes. Consequently, we have built out a streamlined approach towards candidates and business partners. It is effective, efficient and reliable for all the stakeholders.


Our organization always looks for business organizations in a need of support in their operations.


We actively engage the market and look for highly motivated people, who are interested in new career opportunities.


Interviewers communicate in an open and honest manner that helps understand candidate's personality, skills and talents.


Our organization provide employment to the selected candidates and take care of all relevant paperwork.


We identify the most suitable work environment and ensure employee feels comfortable in a new position.

Tell us about your skills. your talents. your experience. your expectations.